Event portable toilets are toilets which can be moved around and are specifically made for certain events at request.

  • There are seven different kinds of event portable toilets:

    The different types of event portable toilets Toronto are: chemical toilets, urine- diversion dehydration toilets, composting toilets, container based toilets, bucket toilets, freezing toilets and incineration toilets.

  • They were used in world war II:

    Event portable toilets Toronto for used in the bomber Aircrafts in world war II. The chemical closet was the type used and they were not very popular among the air crew or the ground crew. They can still be seen in historic house museums.

  • The largest number for one event is 5000:

    The largest gathering of event portable toilets Toronto was at the inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama in the year 2009. A total of five thousand units were installed.

  • Event portable toilets save water:

    Event portable toilets Toronto, are a great way to save water. It is said that more water is utilized for flushing than for washing. A total of 125 million gallons of water is saved by using event portable toilets Toronto. An event portable toilet Toronto uses 90% less water than a conventional toilet. For large events, out in the open, event portable toilets are a better option than any other method to take care of the calls of nature.

  • The most popular type are the porta-potty’s:

    Even though there are much advanced forms of event portable toilets available, the most commonly used ones are the old- fashioned Porta-potty’s. It is very common to see the green or blue structures on construction sites, movie sets, concerts, award functions, camping sites, outdoor wood lodges and other outdoor events or wherever there may be a requirement for portable toilets.

  • Event portable toilets have various different names:

    Event portable toilets Toronto have various different names such as: Water Closet (WC), Port-a-potty, Porta- John, Honey Bucket, Port-o- John, Portable Restroom, Johnny- on- the-spot, Jon, etc. These names were used in various parts of the world and have evolved over the years


Event portable toilets Toronto have been a part of daily life for centuries. They were even segregated by race at one point. They prove to be the most convenient and useful place to release our fluids and not make a mess. Event portable toilets Toronto may seem insignificant but they form an important part of our lives. Their uses surprise us.