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Disposal Bin Rentals & Waste Management

We provide garbage bin rentals, dumpster rentals, waste containers and other garbage removal services to residential and commercial customers.

5 yard 5 ft 2 ft 12 ft 1 ton $225 Flat rate + tax
6 yard 5 ft 3 ft 12 ft 1 ton $250 Flat rate + tax
10 yard 6 ft 4 ft 12 ft 2 ton $300 Flat rate + tax
14 yard 7 ft 5 ft 12 ft 2.5 ton $350 Flat rate + tax
20 yard 8 ft 6 ft 12 ft 3.5 ton $450 Flat rate + tax

If by weight all bins are $150 drop off and pick up and $85 per ton. Bins for dirt/brick/block/concrete:

5 yard bin – $225

6 yard bin – $250

7 yard bin – $275

Are you worried about your pavement getting destroyed?

Don’t be anymore. Our dumpsters are well balanced and driveway friendly. Whether your driveway is asphalt, bricks or concrete material, our disposal bins are perfect for your different needs. We specialize in disposal bin rentals sized 4-20 yard bins.

What We Offer

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    Up-front Pricing

    Our prices are very affordable and we offer a free quote to all our customers on request without any hidden charges.

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    Same Day Service

    You would be making the right choice if you are looking for a team who can take the trash out of your property as quickly as possible.

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    Open 7 Days a Week

    One of the benefits of hiring Starcrete Inc is, we are available 24/7, 365 days a year. So, the next time you need to clean out the trash on short notice, you know who to call.

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    Friendly Service

    A customized garbage removal service with a smile, that’s the motto we stick to.

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    We Recycle + Donate

    We try to play our role towards the environment, that’s why all trash we pick up is re-cycled in a safe and legal manner.

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    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority; we ensure that by the time we are done, your property is spotless!

Our services are affordable and designed keeping in mind the need of our customers. Our dumpsters and garbage bins are easier to load and are available in different sizes according to your convenience.

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